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Leandro Mendes (VJ Vigas) began his research in audiovisual performances in university in 2003, where he presented as completion of course work a live performance mixing images with music. In July 2012, he won the international VJs tournament Videozone held Poland. In 2013, he won the 1st place of the three editions of the competition VJ TORNA International, considered the World Cup the world of VJs held in Mexico City (Mexico), Rome (Italy) and Cape Town (South Africa), repeating the feat in May 2014 in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. was selected for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2013/2014 of 50 entries from different countries, presenting for 5 nights on the facade of the church Mozes en Aäronkerk the historic center of Amsterdam. It was guest artist of the 1st Rio Mapping Festival, held in Rio de Janeiro in August 2014. He was selected for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2014/2015 with the Floating Bridge project, a floating LED tunnel where the tourist boats from the Dutch city crossing its structure November 2014 to January 2015. Artist selected for the Visualism Festival held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in September 2015. In 2016 he participated in the Circle of Light – Moscow _ Russia considered one of the biggest festivals of the genre of the world, taking 2 awards: 3rd placed in the category VJ and 2nd placed in the category videomapping modern with the collective Dark Light Studio.